A Crafty History

Kowloon Bay Brewery is the brainchild of beer lover/brewer Mike Bardill and beer lover/business gal Ging Van. It was just another warm, balmy Christmas in Melbourne, Australia, when the idea of the Brewery was born. It was the first time, Mike shared his passion and gift of brewing with Ging. And so the journey began.

Mike and Ging met as colleagues years ago and became friends over the years. They share a love for beer (one brewing while the other consuming) and started visiting craft beer festivals around Asia. As they traveled to the different locations, one thing kept popping up – the lack of good craft beers in Asia Pacific. While Australia and Japan have outstanding craft brews to offer, the rest of the region are still largely importing from Europe and the Americas.

Hong Kong became the forerunner for location to build a brewing company with its strategic location in the region, as well as the accessibility to good quality raw materials throughout the region, as well as the globe.

And so the search for the ideal location in Hong Kong began. In the meantime, Mike developed Kowloon Bay Brewery’s first range of craft beers. Much to their delight, the taste and feel of these new brews received great feedback and so the journey to fresh, great tasting craft beer began with the American IPA, Amber Ale, Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Weizen, and Asia’s first Gluten Free IPA.


Crafting Variety for Every Taste

With hand-crafted beer...it's all about the flavor.
We turn fresh, pure ingredients into bright, bold brews.
Seven core brews and seven seasonal brews mean a brew for everyone.